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Knowledge transfer in the European health and social policy agenda

In recent years, knowledge transfer in the areas of health and social services has become a central point of the European health and social policy agenda. Experiences, methods and programmes may be shared in a broad range of topics, from concepts and values to the assessment and meeting of needs, or the development of tools for evidence based policy in both areas. Bridges have always existed across the two fields, but they have been limited, and they coexist with significant barriers to communication and information sharing. Although health and social care providers have been encouraged to work in partnership and build interdisciplinary teams, the success of this approach has been limited.

New notions such as ‘networks’, ‘knowledge brokering’ and partnerships have entered this discourse but the lack of consensus and understanding about what they mean and how to implement it limits its use in the care sector. The health sector has already developed strategies for knowledge brokering, translational exchange of experiences and integrated care, while the social sector has developed the conceptual background in the areas of functioning, social inclusion and cohesion.

Being a transrelational concept, bridging is not an endpoint, but a tool for reaching an integrative care and support. This Bridging Knowledge portal aims at becoming a point of reference for those interest in sharing experiences, promoting research and educational activities, …

A balanced perspective cannot be acquired by studying disciplines in pieces; the consilience among them must be pursued. Such unification will be difficult to achieve. But I think it is inevitable. Intellectually it rings true, and it gratifies impulses that arise from the admirable side of human nature. To the extent that the gaps between the great branches of learning can be narrowed, diversity and depth of knowledge will increase.

E.O. Wilson (1998)

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