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Institutional care

Residential services characterised by indefinite stay for a defined population group, which usually have over 100 beds and which is described as “Institutional care”.


Integrative care

A generic term which describes a model of care that incorporates all the relevant sectors involved in care for persons with a health condition and not only the health sector (i.e. social, crime and justice, education). It is related to Holistic care model. In the DESDE-system it refers mainly to the social and health care model.



This is secondary descriptor of MTC in Day care and Outpatient care in the DESDE system.  It refers to the actual ‘capacity’ of a service to provide a main type of care as shown by the pattern of maximum use by its clients in routine practice. It excludes theoretical capacity or the exceptional use of the facility.


Intensity (High for Continuing Care)

These are facilities that have the capacity to make face-to-face contact with users at least three times per week when clinically indicated.


Intensity (High for Day Care)

High intensity day facilities are available for users to attend for at least the equivalent of four half days per week. Not all the users need to attend as frequently as this for the service to be classified as ‘high intensity’, but it should at least be possible for them to do so.


Intensity (Low for Continuing Care)

These services do not have the capacity to see users as often as once a fortnight.


Intensity (Low for Day Care)

Day facilities where users usually attend for less than the equivalent of four half days per week.


Intensity (Medium for Continuing Care)

These facilities do not have the capacity to supply three-time weekly contact with users, but that can provide contacts at least once a fortnight when indicated.


Intervention Programmes

A set of activities programmed within a limited period of time (normally less than 1 year, and no longer than 3 years) without a stable structure in time. In some occasions, services develop from programmes which are reedited through the years.




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