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Levels of care

Classification services system according to a number of descriptors. Status of user, Type general of care, Intensity of care, Subtype of care and Additional Qualifiers.


Liaison care

Services where specific consultation on a subgroup of patients is provided to other area (e.g. outpatient consultation on Intellectual Disabilities to a general medical service or consultation on mental disorders to the general medical services of a hospital).


Long-Term Care (LTC)

Long-Term Care (LTC) is a blanket term that "brings together a range of services for persons who are dependent on help with basic activities of daily living (ADLs) over an extended period of time" (OECD, 2005). This range includes ‘medical and/or social services designed to help people who have disabilities or chronic care needs. Services may be short- or long-term and may be provided in a person's home, in the community, or in residential facilities’ (US Dept of Health). At present Member States use a variety of definitions of LTC that do not always concur (EC, 2008).




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